We manufacture and print the new and exciting "Sack Packs". They are wonderful for atheletes that need to carry equipment to games or practice. Basketball Gym shoes, a PE uniform and sneakers, a soccer ball, shin guards and shoes/flips, Volleyball pads, tape and shoes, Cheer and Dance shoes and Poms, or swim towel and cap all fit nicely in a sack pack. The drawstrings pull to convert the bag to a hands-free back pack. BoysClimbingwithbags.jpgBoysClimbingwithbags.jpg

We offer custom printed bags with teams', clubs', or sponsors' logos and messages etc. The tremendous exposure they get by becoming "the everyday to practice" bags will make them great "image builders" and advertising vehicles. Schools and clubs have re-sold them to club members and other students as a fundraiser for travel, uniforms etc.


Our bags are made in our plant in Charleston SC, USA.  We make them "better than we have to".  We double stitch, reinforce, use the strongest thread, install grommets for the straps.  . .  In short, we make a serious piece of athletic equipment, not just some promotional product that will fall apart in a short time.