We'd like to share some of the comments our customers have made about our products and our service.

"We sold out in 3 days, wish we'd ordered more"

"Usner is great. They understand our organization and go the extra way to help us out."

"These bags are terrific. We're selling them like hotcakes."

"This is truely a new and different product. I am so tired of tees and trophies."

We called and ordered our bags on Monday and they actually shipped them to us on Thursday printed with our new logo."

"Our kids use these bags every day for practice. I don't know how they managed without them."

In addition to our customer's  --  one word about quality and service  --  We've been making these bags in our plant in SC for over 8 years.  During that time we have had only 1 order (50 bags) come back for any type of error or quality problem.  We immediately replaced and reprinted  those bags with the correct color and shipped them in time for their event.